Is Trajan Pro a Websafe font?

I want to use Trajan Pro for a menu. Is it web safe enough to use (I know it’s in MS Word)?
Also, any suggestions for a decent fontstack? Times?

If not what would be the best option? It’s a responsive site so I’m a little dubious about using image replacement.


Trajan Pro is not a widely spread font, well, except perhaps among media designers who seem overly infatuated with that font and using it in every second movie poster.

Furthermore, Trajan Pro is a commercial font, so it may not be licensed to use on websites.

Instead, I’d look for a suitable font on, dowload a @font-face kit and implement it via CSS.

Totally agree with you - funnily enough it is a movie website, and I didn’t design the artwork so can’t get out of it unfortunately!
Was pushing for a simple Helvetica stack (not overused at all ;)) for the menu but the client would prefer Trajan Pro to match the poster.

If you must use Trajan Pro, then you’d probably want to get yourself a typekit account. They do have the font:

Note that the font will only be seen by people with Javascript enabled, however.

Yes I fear that I must. Had kind of come to the Typekit conclusion too.