Is too much SEO really bad?

It would seems so. Modern SEO techniques have recently backfired on a whole lot of people since the Penguin hit.

Google is just starting to modify their search algorithms again. The ‘Panda’ is upon us. Most people affected so far have said that they aren’t getting hit as hard as from Penguin. In fact some have said that their rankings have recently improved. We’ll see how this all plays out. I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about it in the very near future.

I am wondering how these guys are getting 500 backlinks in a single day. It is better to get 10 quality back links a day related to your website. This will work good. Who know in the future as said by steve google may roll some algorithm changes and consider directory submissions are spam.

Over optimization can really cause penalties for a website. This could be because of search engines seeing it as next to spamming. So it’s really best to work moderately when it comes to optimization.

Too much Seo or putting too many keywords would be detected by the search engine as spam and instead of optimizing your websites appear as a threat. It’s best to use the average and ideal keyword density or Seo ways.

If you create 5 links in one forum it doesn’t differ from create 3 links I mean every forum is hosted in one ip so the links should be in different forums.

[FONT=Verdana]I’m not sure I see the relevance of that remark. In any case, this forum - like so many others - marks all external links as “nofollow”, so if you’re looking for backlinks from a forum you may as well forget it and do something more useful instead.


I think 500 is more and its over optimization what my personal opinion is and its not going to harm them now because as google bot takes time and no no one knows when google bot will come on which site it will crawl.But once these pages are crawled and if it were from low quality back links the site will gonna suffer.

YES! Google would penalize you for it. In fact, some site owners are actually cleaning up some backlinks as Google seemed to have sense something abnormal with the generation of backlinks, in other words, spamming. Build links naturally - that is to generate few at a time; and create unique content and avoid using much targeted keys to make the contents as natural as well.

500 backlinks back links per day is surly contain duplicate and bad links which directly affect you site ranking.Instead of doing 500 directories on your site do limited and quality work.

It is possible to find 500 links each day but to find 500 links from closely related sites that also have some pagerank would be impossible. You can never have too much of a good thing but if you don’t consider quality, you can have too much.

Yes, i agree with you. Over optimization is not good for your site promotion. Because it will treated as spamming. If you want to keep your site with search engine friendly, you need to build back links using withe different link building techniques like forums posting, blog commenting, article submission, social bookmarking etc…


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