Is Tinyurl FTC Compliant?

Is Using Tinyurl To Hide Affiliate Links FTC Compliant?

Using TinyURL cannot make you compliant or non-compliant with any FTC regulation. There are no FTC regulations on URLs. The main FTC regulations for affiliate marketers are truth-in-advertising rules, testimonial rules and relationship disclosure rules. Hiding affiliate links does not relieve you of your responsibility under any of those regulations.

I am not asking how to cheat the system.

I just want to know if it is legal to use them to mask your link as long as I disclose that affiliate links are used.

There is no issue here. Adding a redirect to your link does not make it legal or illegal.

I don’t think there is any issue in using tinyurl in affiliate link.
Its perfectly fine.
The main issue is when you are selling something whatever claim you are making must match with the product.Also you should have a disclaimer to be on safe side.

I had been told that you could not mask affiliate links anymore, then I seen the same guy using tinyurl so that is what made me ask. I will just disclose that I am getting paid and use the tinyurl when needed.

Thank You.