Is this URL good for SEO

Please clarify.
Is this URL good for SEO point of view?

or we should do a url canonicalization or URL mapping for this url.

Because most of the website use this url instead of this one using below code:

<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />
It also makes url search engine friendly.

Please clarify and explain!

[font=calibri]Either form is reasonably search-engine friendly – the key thing is that you’ve got actual words in there rather than random numbers, and you haven’t got long strings of unnecessary rubbish in there either.

But of the two, the query form is the right one to use, if you’re actually running a query off a database. Then the search engines understand what is going on more accurately. If you just run the query and search terms together, you lose that obvious connection between the URL and the result.

For example, if you have the URL, and somewhere else it has got turned round to, those two forms are (almost always) equivalent, and Google will recognise that. If you just have a single string (or even worse mark it as a series of subfolders like then it is not obvious that re-ordering it or missing out some terms will still work.[/font]

Thanks for your review!

I have one more question.
What should I do to create backlink because guest blogging, directory submission, having link in press realease, article submission, blog commenting, classified submission all are marked as a spam.

Please give your valueble review.

mrsonu, a method that takes a little bit of time would be to make your own blogs and post content to them rather than guest blogging.

Get your blogs or sites a good PR and they might even rank for the same keywords lol :smiley:

NO, it’s not a proper URL, even not search engine and use friendly. Make it simple and don’t use any spacial character. More specific url is easy for all.

There are people abusing guest posting as a practice to increase backlinks for SEO purposes only, and I would suggest to create profile in different platforms available on the web to expose your site and increase popularity. Backlinks will follow then.

Did you read Stevie D’s post #2, where he explained the benefits of this type of URL? If you believe he’s wrong, then please provide specifics to back up what you are saying.

I am talking about simple URL structure, you can refer this

No, both the URL are not good at some point of time, as the first url is created dynamically, based on the search query, and the 2nd url is good as per the SEO perspective, but these type of URL can have a chance to get hit with Google Updates, if they have exact match keywords. So there is some point where both the url not consider as proper.

Nothing is spam, if you are properly follow the Google’s Guidelines to perform the activity.

Both URLs are good for SEO. Regarding your second question - you can build links using any of the strategies described in your post. Guest blogging and press release distribution work for most businesses. As long as you provide quality content and have a solid SEO strategy, you will build links easily.


Good luck!

Nothing has been declared as spam…Everything is ok… Just you have to stop doing guest blogging,press release, article submission with optimized links and have to stop continuous and in large quantity…directory submission are still good if you submit on relevant category, high pr and that will not going to get penalization in future, check the DA, PA of the directory site…blog commenting is a good way to get visitors and also making relation with other bloggers…always use real names while commenting…

Everything is still in its position in SEO, but the way you represent them have been changed…