Is this the start of a new trend?


The UK pub chain, Weatherspoons has completely dropped their Social Media presence stating...

"We are going against conventional wisdom that these platforms are a vital component of a successful business," said Mr Martin.

He told the BBC he had always thought the idea that social media was essential for advertising was untrue.


"Quitting Facebook" has been the leading story in most tech news agencies for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Lots of big names have quit. This is part of it.


I have the impression that a lot of people assumed that they had to have social media to 'exist in the modern world'. Anybody going to wetherspoons is likely to be local or just looking for a local cheap place to eat/drink. Other than answering a few odd questions that don't need to be answered i can't really see the point. I wouldn't 'follow' them as i can't really see what a restuarant/bar has to say on that regular a basis that would be interesting.

If i want a discount coupon i'd check their website or signup to a direct enews rather than have to wade through all the pointless crud that has to be put out to be seen as doing something.

don't know if it is the begining of a trend but i think it might start businesses questioning if they actually need to be on social media and what they are paying for. Some it might be very important but i reckon a fair few will realise that they are just following the sheep and if brave enough ditch it.

Think i am in the minority though as i barely use social media. I build websites at work the last thing i want to do is go on them when i go home.


As far as pubs and restaurants are concerned there are many other web sites with reader reviews which are buried amongst numerous advertisements. The latter desperately hoping for a return on their site investment. An example is TripAdvisor which now has a restaurant section for major cities.

Social Media is time consuming with hardly any lucrative results apart from endeavouring to rearrange appointments at short notice.

The internet is still in its infancy and has spawned forums, chat sites, etc making it easy for all walks of life to answer queries with a smiling cat or plate of food.

The current inconsequential rubbish proliferation is making successful search results tremendously difficult. Perhaps a website professing to easily pinpoint searches would be a good idea. Also a manual ranking system or obligatory comments section on technical blogs.


I don't know how it works over there, but Google is my primary source for restaurant information. It has times, prices, directions, and a lot of the time it has menus or direct links to menus. I feel like Social Media and websites are pointless for the large majority of small businesses.



I've always seen social media as for ordinary people, not businesses. It's only the marketing bods who decided to use them to spam their wares.


I love this I always thought businesses were being too intrusive in social networks.


Hmmm. Calling a company out on Twitter (following bad customer service, for example) usually gets you to their attention pretty quickly. I like the fact I can do that.


Twitter is kind of a different beast, the same with Reddit.

99.99% of companies do not need a Facebook and/or Instagram and/or Snapchat (especially!) account.


I think it all depends on where you live. Here in Brazil, many more small businesses have Facebook pages than have their own websites. It's a popular (and free) way for them to have an online presence.


I think it depends on who you are. Wetherspoons are massive, in the high street of every town. Facebook users will still talk about them even if they're not on facebook. For some local businesses - plumbers, tilers, plasterers, etc - facebook is pretty much essential.

Are there any studies into how many searches for local trades/businesses are now done on facebook rather than google? From what I am hearing a lot of people ONLY look at facebook now. They wait for someone to recommend a business to them - don't even bother with google..


Oh definitely, have done that more than once - it usually gets results where their normal channels fail.

Importantly these sort of actions are initiated by ordinary people, not by marketing bods.


I think it depends on the type of company that you're running and whether your target audience has a prominant presence on social media. For instance, a large media company may be a better fit for utilizing a Facebook page, where a smaller company that offers a niche service may not need it to get site traffic.


Social media is definitely playing a prominent role in business growth, brand awareness, and website traffic.


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