Is this right site for Mono?

I am starting my effort at learning something new and Mono appear to be it for me. So for all you guys out there using it, is this the right site?



Yes, you could start there. But I would suggest using Xamarin Studio:

Or you could wait for the new version of .net vNext to come out, which will be cross platform. But that might take some time still

Thanks for responding! @NightStalker

I just want to find an environment to start the learning process. I realize it won’t be fast but I have time.

When that newer version of vNext comes out do you think that will be better than Xamarian?


Well, that is a very good question. We will have to wait and see. But if I remember correctly, they are partnering up with the guys that wrote Mono to get it working cross platform and changed the way it works.

And a CTP version is already out. That you could start using to learn if you wanted to:

I hope that gives you some more info on this