Is this possible to accomplish?

greetings all!:slight_smile:

we have a reports portal at work that employees use to access daily/monthly reports. The portal is running on Apache.

here is the workflow:

  • user enters the url in the browser
  • browser asks for login & password (see attached file: “popup-login.JPG”)
  • if the login is successful, it takes them to a folder that contains the reports.

I would like to know if it is possible to create a login user interface in an html/php page like this - see attached file: “login-no-pop-up.png”

The usernames and passwords for the users are configured in the apache’s htaccess file. This is an internal reports server.

any help is appreciated!


The htaccess file makes the little windows-like popup log in. You can definitely make your own log in page. The best way to do it is using cookies or sessions. Instead of having the user names/passwords kept in an apache file, you have a database with this info in it.

this might help