Is this portfolio codeable?


I’m a bit of a newbie with code, and I’m wondering if this portfolio can be coded as it appears in the screenshot below. I managed to code the top hero section, but I’m unsure how I’d go about coding the bottom section. Will it require altering the design? I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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I don’t see anything in that design that can’t be achieved. You can pretty much code any design you can think of and this design is actually pretty simple compared to others I have seen done. Give it a try. You may be surprised at how easy it can be once you get into it.


Learn CSS Grid as the underlying foundation for positioning these elements.

That’s quite a nice layout. However, before starting with the code, also consider how you’d like it to adapt to different screen sizes — such as on a narrow mobile screen, on a big wide screen, or when someone like me zooms the page. That’s really crucial and actually helps work out how to code it up, because certain layout methods will work much better than others in these scenarios.


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