Is this OK under ICANN Policy?

I have a domain, that I bought from -the registrar of .mx domains- and my host server is with greengeeks.

When I try to change the DNS with, they do not allow the change if previously I do not change the DNS within my host provider.

And my host provider -greengeeks- do not allow to set a new domain if previously I do not point the DNS within the registrar.

So right now I’m stuck because I can’t do neither!

I contacted greengeeks support and they told me that is not following the ICANN policy and if they allow that can pose a security risk.

Does anybody knows something about this?


Surely since that TLD belongs to Mexico it would be whatever rules Mexico applies that would be relevant. ICANN only handle the international domains. The country specific domains are under the control of the individual countries and need to follow the rules that the country applies which may or may not be compatible with ICANN requirements.

Thanks for the replay Stephen, I suppose I need to cancel my account with greengeeks!,
Thanks again

Yes, and go with a host who is hosting .mx domains
Good luck.

I recommend you avoid ccTLD domain name unless you are representative of certain country. Better have TLD domain name.

Yes, indeed, but this is for customer that already have the domain and want to move on with us, greengeeks already offered manually installing the domains, let’s see if that works on the long run.

Tanks for your answer!