Is this normal propagation behaviour?

I’m currently in the process of moving web host for the first time.

I have a few sites to move, but have already moved one over to my new hosts as a test to make sure everything works okay.

My question is about nameserver propagation. My new email account is currently only accepting email with a .com suffix, test emails I send from my address always bounce back, is this to be expected (I changed nameservers about 24 hours ago)?

Secondly, I was pleased to see the domain name resolved to my new host pretty quickly bit over the last couple of hours it’s changed back to my old host again, does that ‘flipping’ tend to happen too?

Sorry these are newbie questions, but I’d like to know what’s happening so I can explain it clearly to my clients.

If you still have your website with old host, it may flipp.
Regarding bouncing of emails, we are not sure how you moved your account - was it cPanel backup? If so, then should not be any problem.

Good luck,

Which of the two web hosts you end up at depends on whether your request goes through a DNS that has already updated your info or one that hasn’t yet done so. Some update within minutes of when you change the nameservers, most update within a day or two and a very few can take several weeks to get around to making the change.

It is best to keep both hosts active until you can see that everything is going to the new one. You can also avoid losing emails by forwarding all the emails that reach the email accounts on the old host to a different email address that isn’t being moved.

You could also make sure that you clear DNS cache on your local machine as well

Thanks guys.

I cleared the DNS cache on my computer and also reset my home router which has helped a couple of my sites along.

Email is still behaving strangely, accepting some and bouncing others, but I’ll give it another day.

It takes anything from few minutes to 48hrs. In this time your website and emails should resolve completely to the new server. You might also want to do a DNS check and see where the domain resolves to.

I believe you should start worring about everything before 72 hours. Sometimes it takes more then 24 h and up to 72h.