Is this landing page design good enough?

Hello y’all, as someone who just started out as a web developer, I completed my first ever challenge (a landing page design) from frontend mentor using HTML and CSS… I deployed it to vercel via GitHub… The link is below:

Your feedback is crucial and will aid my learning process.

PS: I’m new to Git/GitHub… And I’m just learning Javascript basics too.

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S’pretty solid if you ask me. The close-menu button in the… i’m going to call it ‘phone view’ threw me for a moment, though. Might want to make it a bit more obvious than just a white box.


I will make an adjustment to it, thank you.

Haven’t looked under the hood yet but it looks like a good start to me.

Yes a big X in the box would help :slight_smile:

At small screens of about 772px and under (ipad size approx) you may also want to move your large image below the mauve heading so that you have some text in view. All I get at some window widths is a big image and have to scroll down for content.

It’s not a big problem though because as the screen gets smaller the image gets smaller and the text content pulls into view.

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I used a font awesome icon for the the close menu and it renders well while designing, but i was actually very surprise to see this tiny, hard to notice close menu after I made the page live…

Thought using SVG for the close menu would be great but i don’t much about it

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