Is this grammatically correct?


So I gona make a twitter where I write about a celebertie and every tweet is gona start with “If I was Kevin Petersen”.

So a tweet can for example be - If I was Kevin Petersen I would’ve taken all my haters to my house and show them my cars so they could get jealous.

So basically every tweet is gona be If I was…

The problem is, is it called “If I was Kevin Petersen I would’ve…” or “If I were Kevin Petersen I would’ve”…

Like what should I use, are there any better options?

if i were

it’s future subjunctive


Thanks :slight_smile:

Just wondering, what are you’re plans to do with that twitter account and what do you actually want to do with it, like are you trying to build a following base and sell tweets or what’s your plan? Sorry, just wondering.

[FONT=verdana]As R937 correctly said, the answer is “were” not “was”.

But what an interesting question.

You’re obviously concerned about getting your grammar right, which is commendable. Now, very few English speakers would hold it against you if you confused “were” and “was” in a case like this, especially in something as ephemeral as a twitter post. Your meaning would be perfectly clear, whichever form you chose.

And yet, in your question, you used “gona” in place of “going to”, which is not only an incorrect choice of words, but - more importantly - is really ugly. And you have used other obviously ungrammatical constructions like “Like what should I use, are there any better options?”.

I’m not saying you’re wrong to write in this way. After all, this is a friendly forum; you’re not submitting an academic paper or a research document. Your meaning is perfectly clear, which is the important point.

But I do find it interesting that you worry about the difference between the future indicative and the future subjunctive, and yet you seem happy to perpetrate such sloppy English elsewhere.


Hear hear! (I’ve been itching to say the same thing to Kevin for a while.)

Also, “gona” is incorrect spelling. It should be “gonna”. :lol:

Thanks guys, I know I only can press the n once. HAHA.

Off Topic:

Oops. Kevin, I think I gave you the wrong impression that “gonna” is OK to use. It’s not very nice English either. :slight_smile:

Celebrity, not celebertie. And I’d say "If I were Kevin Peterson, I would have…
(Buggered off back to South Africa) - that’s optional.


(That’s a cricket joke, for anyone who doesn’t understand.)