Is this Black-hat way?

How “Buying Expired Domains” is black Hat SEO ?

My Mistake “Black Hate SEO”

Buying expired domains isn’t “black hat”. What do you intend to do with them?

Theres not any black hat method in buying expired domains.

Nope it is all good - just buying them anyway - depends what you do with them as you could do something black hat with them I guess. But your question was just about buying them so in that case it is all good :slight_smile: you remain in the white hat team!

I think the “black hat” is more correct than black hate.
is it right…?peace.

That isn’t actually black hat. However, if you intended to use those expired domains to put up dummies sites to draw in traffic to your main site, then you definitely got something there.

This can work the opposite sometimes. You buy a domain name that was use for black hat and is penalized heavily. Be sure you check the backlinks and see what it there.

No it is not black hat. Make sure if you buy expired domain name that the site you put up is same topic and similar to one that used the domain name before. This way any of the text links to the old site might help in page rank or search engines.

Yes buying Expired Domains is black hat SEO. There are link spammers that monitors DNS records for domains that will expires soon. The link spammers then buys the domain and replaces the content and links with their own and most of the search engine resets the link data on the expired domains.

yup,i agree with j2media1.

You are concerned only with " buying expired domains" and not anything of other sort

that could be considered black hat seo.

Black Hat is considered evil, unethical or even illegal. The world is such that if you do anything evil, unethical or illegal, you will gain the most in the shortest time. You can rob a bank in fifteen minutes and become an instant millionaire while it will take years or your whole life if you do things legally, like having a 9 to 5 or selling some fish and chips.

“buying expired domains” does not come under black hat SEO. So you don’t need to be worried about that.