Is there way to hide/rename a plugin used on a wordpress website?

Hello everyone here at sitepoint :slight_smile: I’m wondering if there is a way for me to change or hide a specific plugin I’m using on my website? I’m curious if there is a way to hide the plugin name from example wpthemedetector or from the source code?


You may use following plugins to hide your plugins - Hide Plugins , Hide WP

Hi John:) so there is no way to accomplish this without using a plugin?

I’m confused. How is the fact a plugin is being used able to be known? Are you seeing something in view-source?

It might help if we could understand what plugin it is that you wish to hide, and under what circumstances.

Hi everyone, Im using the Booking Calendar plugin, I understand that it might be impossible/futile to try to hide it on the source code on pages where it’s visible on the front end but is there no way to hide it from software like wpthemedetector?


How do you think it’s being detected if not by the HTML source?
My site uses several plugins and it only detected one (All in One SEO Pack)

Might it be because that plugin adds this to the HTML ?

<!-- All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert of Semper Fi Web Design[-1,-1] -->

If that plugin doesn’t add a similar comment, it does look like it adds CSS with tell-tale selectors eg.
bk_calendar {

if that is how it is being detected than all such strings would need to be changed to something unrecognizable.

The real question is why do you care?
If the plugin has vulnerabilities IMHO it would be best to not use it rather than to try and hide the fact.

The WP Hide & Security Enhancer does exactly what you need, additionally lot’s of other things making your site totally obscured from any WordPress fingerprints

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