Is there books focused on creating CMS

Is there books focused on creating CMS

To be honest, that’s just down to it’s bloat-worthy nature, you could easily tweak Wordpress to such an extent as to remove all the possible security issues. I know that custom would be a best case scenario because it reduces the chance of people attempting to hack the thing (as they’ll not have much of a clue to how it works) but I wouldn’t say there’s many occasions where the amount of time to produce it would justify the need (cost VS outcome). Don’t get me wrong I agree with your point entirely, I just think in many peoples cases it’ll end up just being a poor imitation. :slight_smile:

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No. NO NO!

Take it from a real PHP programming professional. Nothing beats custom, ever. Everyone has different needs and the supposed time saving abilities of off the shelf stuff is a myth only the pros learn to ignore. Wordpress is so high quality it keeps getting hacked and they keep having to update :wink:

Alright, let me see you have:

PHP 5 CMS Framework Development
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL (has great information, huge book though)

Lucky I came past here :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not, but there’s lots of books on using a CMS (why reinvent the wheel?) or learning a language (to produce the CMS). Custom CMS solutions are stating to go out of style these days as most of the existing solutions are of such a high standard that replacing it seems redundant. :slight_smile:

I have that book already. Actually i need to create a personalised CMS for a project.

Kevin Yank’s “Build Your Own Database Driven Website” covers the basics (and is also a good introduction to php and mysql). The only book which I’m aware off which focuses purely on creating a CMS is “Pro Zend Framework CMS: Building a full CMS using Advanced Aspects of the Zend Framework” by Forrest Lyman (published by apress) though I you should have some experience of working with OOP php before reading that book.

It doens’t take much time to develop custom software, why do people think it takes years or months? It simply doesn’t. Of course it depends on the project and the scope but to create or re-create something with the features someone wants is pretty simple.

It is extremely difficult to water down a module or a system to match the needs of many. My last job was to do exactly that, take a bunch of requirements from many clients and fi them into something they all could use. Keeping it simple to use, and versitle while still being complex is a challenge. There is always something a client wants different.

If you already knew wordpress I guess you could gut it but don’t spend the time learning it then gutting it. Probably better of using a framework then. Personally I don’t like being at the mercy of a framework or CMS. It is a great learning experience to work with other CMS’s and frameworks though.

I prefer to use my own code for personal business ventures. There are just too many benefits to writing your own spec and code :smiley:

Still totally disagree with the “most of the existing solutions are of such a high standard that replacing it seems redundant” comment. In my experience there are just too many little annoy issues when dealing with other peoples “solutions”. If you take a look at the code behind the scenes (yes it does matter, not only if it works) you can see some really horrific code (outdated, bad techniques, dead ends etc.)