Is there anything in Windows 7 that can do this? (Notify me when something executes?)

I’m curious if any (open-source or otherwise) apps exist for Windows 7 that can run in the background and listen for the execution of predefined applications, whereby it would notify you the instant said app executes? For example, if “blah.exe” runs, a small window would pop-up prompting you as soon as it happens.

Is there anything like this? I was thinking that maybe Scheduled Tasks could do something like this but I’m not sure… Might have to go as far as writing something to do this but I’m not even sure where to start if that’s the case.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if TimeCamp will be good for you. You can see when an app starts but it will not have that alarm that you want

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It’s a start, molona. :smile:

I’d hate to think that something like this wouldn’t exist or would be too difficult to make if it doesn’t. If I find anything like it, I’ll post back about it on here. And thanks for your idea–I’ll check it out.

It registers all the activity in the computer. I never tried to set up an alarm, to be honest, so it may be porssible. The goal of this software is to know where you really spend your time so you can analyze it and increase your productivity

I don’t know about your machine, but I have Windows7 and every time I open the Task Manager there are always many processes running.

If I heard an alarm every time an exe ran it would become annoying very soon.

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Did I ask about being notified of every *.exe? :wink:
(To be clearer here, I meant only being notified of whatever .exe I want to be notified of.)

And yes, that would be annoying! (If I meant that–sorry for not being clear.)


Sorry, more me being muddled than you being unclear.

I’ve never used it, and I don’t think it “alarms” in any way. But maybe you could use Auditing to Track when certain applications run?

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Whoa, that’s completely new to me. I’ll check that out. I’m pretty new to policies so I’ll have to read up on all that but thanks, Mittineague. :slight_smile:

I used window 7 for many years but I never heard that alarm even once.

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