Is there any way I could make an offline blog?

Since I don’t have internet connection for now. I just want to make a blog offline so I could keep my self busy. I know how to code css , html and a bit of designing. How do I actually post a composition and instantly appears on the front page of my offline blog?

the same way you posted this question without internet connection

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You could setup a server and install a blog on the server. Then use your browser to access the blog on your server.

It almost seems like you are wanting to journal. You can do that with any word processing software.

wordpress blog may be installed locally.
I used to do it for testing my blog. its pretty simple.

If you use Windows, search google for
iis localhost

and you should find what you need. This will install a local webserver if you want to use some server-side technologies.

Yes you may but if you are writing blogs offline then make sure you write something thats not relevant to current dates otherwise when you posted it it will be outdated.

Nice catch! :rofl:

If you want to create your own blogging environment on a local web server, then you should look into installing WAMP (Windows) / MAMP (Mac OS X). Rather than writing a local blogging site for yourself from scratch, you probably want to look into some pre-written PHP scripts for this.

Or probably just go with jaydeee’s comment and try WordPress blog locally… yeah. Do that. Sounds very simple.

Why do you need a blog environment if you don’t have an internet connection?
Just write the articles in you’re notepads or something, then when you hook up to the internet publish them in a proper blog.

I have vertrigo installed on my windows PC for testign etc, it has php, mysql, apache etc
just do a search on google, its very easy to install just like any other (most anyway) windows software

There are no way of making a blog without internet connection.The best is now in this spare time you may write some unique articles and when ever you have the internet connection you can publish them.

Well, you could always put in your post manually on your blog (through the code). This will let you add a post without having to download a CMS software first. Once you have a stable connection, then you can start tweaking everything for publishing.

LOLs… when you learn how to do this, let me know. :stuck_out_tongue: