Is there any software to check grammar?

I have a website for articles. Is there some free software to check grammar of the articles users publish on my site? It is really time consuming to read all articles attentively. Frankly, I am getting frustrated after working with about ten of them… (:

[font=verdana]If you have Microsoft Word, the grammar check on that is pretty reasonable. OpenOffice doesn’t have a built-in grammar checker, but an extension that seems to be quite popular is After the Deadline (disclaimer: I haven’t used this so I don’t know how good it is).

But beware! Automated grammar checkers should only ever be used for a first pass of a document, and should never be used instead of a real person reading and checking through. There are plenty of times when even the best automated grammar checker will give false positives (ie, will tell you there’s a mistake when it’s actually correct), and many, many more where it will miss real errors. If you rely on grammar checkers, your articles will still be littered with mistakes – there really is no substitute for reading through them, except for paying someone else to read through them![/font]

easy, free of cost: using Mircosoft Word. I use it every day. each grammartical found, it is underlined with red

yes, i used grammarly too - it is however sometimes too picky about the grammar, and it’s not free…

I too think the only free option available is Microsoft Word, but even then I don’t think depending on it completely would be good.

Grammar and spell check any text, correct documents, find grammar and spelling mistakes, and … One of the leading programs out there is WhiteSmoke.

Yes you are right but it’s free of cost…so i think it would be give idea then we complete proper.

Yeah, there are many software. Ginger Software. The best software i came across…

There are plenty of grammar checking softwares on the Net. You can use…

–> WhiteSmoke English Writing 2009.06

–> Grammar Expert Plus

Or just use the WhiteSmoke English Writing online
for FREE here…

Berry Martin

I use whitesmoke. It is Ok. But again it sometimes shows wrong when it is right.

Can you supply some examples?

For example in this part of sentance “The paid and trial version has about 2000” (continues), the paid is underlined and above it is written nonrecreational/repeated word. I don’t think there is any mistake in that word there.

Another one:
“This includes the option to change at a specific time period”. Here also, specific is underlined with repeated word. I changed the sentance to during a specific time period and it again says specific as repeated word. Also most of the words that are used in different niches are underlined and similar word in the traditional dictionaries are given as replacements. Like mbps (megabytes/sec), adsense etc.

I can give you lot more examples. But i have to run it again for that.

Many thanks for the examples.

Does WhiteSmoke flag sentance or accept the incorrect word?

Ginger software is the best but its not free, you can try its trial version.

Yes i am using Ginger and its working very well and check the grammatical mistakes in MS Word documents and also online in Firefox so i think you can use this.I hope Ginger will solve your problem and you can save time. :slight_smile:

For single words I just use google. It probably has the best guesser for my not even close spelling. Full pages I use word.

Whitesmoke was way too spammy for me is one website for Grammar and spell check any text, correct documents, find grammar and spelling mistakes, and … One of the leading programs out there is WhiteSmoke.

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The original I really do not know there are software to check the the grammar! I only know that that the to can check the the part of the German the grammar in the, but there are are a lot of of the error and it can not check them out.I want to try this software you had said, because I have a lot of grammar errors!

Google translate is a best way to check Grammar.

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