Is there any quicker way to remove bad backlinks?

We are using Rmoov and disavow for removing bad backlinks. Is there any quicker way to remove back links ??

You can delete low quality backlinks manually too.

I guess everybody would be aware of this option but I am not sure that this is a quicker way to remove link. I think it is the slowest way.

I have to say it is almost comedic to see a low quality conversation about removing low quality back links. you can put them all one per line in the text box in Google webmaster tools and disavow them all at once.

Just download all the links pointing to your site from WMT analyze manually and remove those links which looks spammy.

Just Check WMT which crappy links are pointed to your site and remove them manually. If you don’t have any control on other sites then just contact them to ask remove your links. There’s not any quicker way to remove links except Disavow Tool. If you want to remove links in quicker way then just disavow all the links and this way also take some time to remove you all indexed links.

As the OP hasn’t returned, and the replies are getting repetitive, I think it’s time to close the thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.