Is there any online tool to find how many urls in sitemap

Is there any online tool to find how many urls present in a given sitemap.

If it is a Sitemap.xml on your own site or a site that to which you have access then signup for “Google Webmaster Tools”.

This is just one of numerous features available, a great tool.

If you don’t want to use GWT or other tools:

Just open your sitemap.xml in a text editor and reseach/replace <loc> with <loc>. Most text editors give you get a count back :slight_smile:

I agree but I can’t give privilege to all my team members to have access the google webmaster tool. That is the reason I’m looking for an easy tool for this.

As @SitemapGenerator suggested you can download the SiteMap.xml contents, etc or:

  1. use Google’s Chrome Browser
  2. open the Sitemap.xml in your browser
  3. Page search (CTRL-F) for the URL
  4. Searchbox shows results 1 of 2223


I’ll point out it is an xml file, so any of the normal tricks you can do to count nodes work. Like Xpath’s count functions . . .