Is there any impact on <strong> tag ON SEO?

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Is there any important to use <strong> tag. How many Strong tag i can use on a 600 words web page?

How many times do you need to use the <strong> tag (for strong emphasis) in a 600 word page?

You should use <strong> in the same way you use any other HTML tag - because it is semantically correct for the content you’re marking up. Don’t abuse HTML for imagined SEO benefits.

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If i use more then 100 strong tag isn’t it spammy for SEO?

Why would you need to use 100 <strong> tags in 600 words?

Rather than worrying about how that looks to a search engine, think about how it looks and reads to real, human visitors, who are (or should be) the visitors you are creating this page for.

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5 years ago I’d say that it’s a good way to ascertain topical relevance of an article or webpage.

Gone are those days, don’t concentrate on the <strong> tag if you’re trying to use it for SEO as it won’t make the blindest bit of difference. Concentrate on good quality writing and relevant <H1> and <H2> tags instead.

SEO has changed so much even since last year that you don’t even need the actual keywords in your webpage any more to rank for the keywords, and that’s the truth.

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