Is there any differnce between backlink and backword link?

HI everyone,
Am familiar with the term “backlink”, but i just heard about “backword link”. Is it the same as backlink or this is something else??

I think backlink and Backward Link both are same. There is no difference. :wink:

Please why you want to post these kinds of questions. You just really don’t know how to promote your signatures or what? Stop asking these kind of silly questions and MODs please close these kinds of threads.

with respect, i don’t think its bad to ask something which you don’t know.
The purpose of forums is knowledge sharing and to help others.
So its really bad that instead of giving answer my question you are saying why you asked question?:confused: strange…
I really don’t know about backward links and its a valid question. If you know the answer then let me know. I just feel there must be some difference in these two terms. else why should for same meaning two differnt terms are used???
And finally I would like to suggest you that be positive and promote healthy activities.


Back links and backward links both are same, the different one is link popularity and you can check you link popularity by typing links:[your website address] in google. If you want to check you back links then you need to type link:[Your website address] in google.

yes it is just like yeah and ya.

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Thanks for the detailed answer. Its pretty clear now.
Thanks a lot.

Good :slight_smile:

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