Is there any Bulk insert into Oracle Table using Asp.Net with c# from Excel file

Hello all,
I am making an application in Asp.Net using c#.
I have an excel file which might have 20000 records.
Each record should store in Oracle Table.
I am using entity object array and for loop in data access layer.
But it takes so much time that application hangs so In production server,
It is not possible to run.

Any one know Bulk insert into oracle table from excel file using application(Asp.Net and c#).

Ujjwal Das

Hi Ujjwal,
Can you let me know how you did this?

One thing you can do is to show some kind of progress to the user , may be a progress bar so that the user knows that its processing the fileā€¦


You can just upload the excel file to a location thru ASP.NET and have a different service/application process the uploaded files, this way the front end application is free from the expensive database operation.

Thanks. I did that.
I make a CSV file from my application and then called batch file using ctl file.
and it works 1 second for 60,000 records.

Thats cool.