Is there a way to transfer data into a new database with different field names?

I am trying to migrate users from one CMS to another. The problem is although both databases contain (near enough) the same fields, they don’t have the same field names.

Which would be the best way to get around this? Is there a tool I can use to migrate the data that will match the original field with the new field and insert the data?

For example if my username field in the first database is: username and in the new database is userlogin. Is there anyway to get all data from the username field in my old database into the userlogin field of my new one?


i would look to use INSERT/SELECT syntax…

  INTO dabatase_2.target_table
     ( foo1, foo2, foo3, ... )
SELECT barx, bary, barz, ... 
  FROM database_1.source_table