Is there a way to say I host events others addto my events page

I am building a listings site and it gets content from veveral places. One of them is facebook. I am using the Graph API to get a list of events from venues facebook pages. Problem is a lot of the events are not marked as Hosted By the venue, I guess others have added the event. This means I dont get the event, only ones marked as Hosted by the venue get included by the Graph API events feed.

I have done some resurch and there seems no way of actualy geting all the events listed, only the ones hosted by the venue/page. dont think there is anythng I can do about this.

So my questuon is if I talk to the venues is there a way I can give them instructions on how to have the events in there events page marked as hosted by them. Seems a bit odd it does not hapen automaticaly.

What do you mean a listing of events? there are a lot of venue listing sites like splacer, thisopenspace and eventective but the people who want events come to them.

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