Is there a way to redirect server paths?


We currently serve our HTTP website via /var/local/html/ and our HTTPS website via /var/local/html/secure/ssl/

We are moving to HTTPS sitewide and running into an issue. We'd like to move all of HTTPS server files to our root /var/local/html/.

We have 100s of html forms using formmail and the templates/logs have to be referenced using server path /var/local/html/secure/ssl/forms/abc/123/xyz/2018-2019/template.html

would there be any to automatically redirect /var/local/html/secure/ssl/forms/ to /var/local/html/forms/ so we don't have to manually edit all the forms?


Hi @nandoblanco and welcome to the forums,
I can think of two ways you could sort this out but I'm unsure of the full implications of either in your particular case... you'll have to test and check everything is alright of course.

  1. Are you using APACHE? If so you could enable the redirects through htaccess configuration
  2. You maybe able to simply create a symlink which points to that directory...

I hope that helps...


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