Is there a way to password protect a complete website but let the index.html be non password protected?

Don’t know how to do this.

My c-panel will let me password protect the website, but it can’t include an exception for the index.html.

Ideally, once you enter the correct password for a page other than the index.html, you would have access to all the pages without entering the password for every page.

I’ve messed around with the .htaccess file but can’t get it right.

Anyone ever hear about a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

The usual way to do this would be through server-side scripting alongside a database to hold user data and passwords.
Is this for multiple public users or just an admin access?
If you are not willing to get into server-side scripting, I beleive it is possilbe through c-panel to password protect on a per folder basis.
So you could have index.html in the root, unprotected, then have a private folder containing the rest of the site which is password protected.

Yes, this seems to be the way for me to go.

I’ll move everything into a sub directory and password protect that directory, leaving index.html accessible.

Thank you.

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