Is there a way to have a link save it's last scrolled location?

Sorry for asking such a newbie and confusing question. I’m not a web developer and don’t do any web design, but instead I do graphic design, so pardon the question if it doesn’t make sense.

What I’m trying to figure out is the following. Let’s say I want to create a website where the main navigation buttons are lets say on the left side. Then each time I click on a button in the main navigation section, it opens the content in the same page. Now some of these buttons in the main navigation section will open up scrollable content. Let’s say I click on button “A” then scroll down the page. Then without scrolling back up, I click on button “B” in the main navigation section. At some point I want to click back on button “A” but I want the content to show exactly where I had left off previously without taking me back to the top of the page. Is this possible?

I appreciate the feedback!

Yes, that is definitely possible. All that’s needed is to save the value for how far the page has scrolled, and when someone goes back to that page to retrieve that value and scroll the page to that value.