Is there a way to find out what this (custom) font may be?

Hi there,

I have seen this font that I think is really nice:

However, it is named as though it is a custom font.

Is there a way to tell if it really is a custom font and if not, what font it is?

Or if anyone knows of a very similar font?


Have you tried this to find something similar?

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If you look in developer tools you will see the name of the font and then you can see the @font-face rule that pulls in the custom font.

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Thanks. It’s called velosans, but wondered if this is another font that has been renamed to match their brand?

Why not use the tool that @TechnoBear gave? It should find any similar fonts. I can’t see anyone except Velo themselves being able to tell if they renamed the font.

You may also want to try this forum at the “Font Identification” at You can post an image, and people will identify it OR give you ideas for similar fonts.

The Adobe Capture app identifies a similar font as being “Regulator Heavy Nova”. Similar, not the same.

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