Is there a way to extract contents of an email then store the values in the database?

I am using EWS (Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.1) to accomplish this but have no idea how to start. (Note: I am using C#)

The program’s functionality receives emails and extracts the body of the email given the following format:

Building: {value}
Level: {value}
Phase/Room: {value}
Request: {value}

If the user sends an email with the wrong format, the program will automatically respond with “Sorry, we cannot process blah blah blah. Use this format instead…”

If the format is correct, the program will then store the values in the database.

Is this possible? I’ve searched a lot about EWS and parsing emails but I’ve never found a way to extract the values inside the BODY of the email.

I’ve found the closest one that does similar to what I need, but it costs you money (

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