Is there a way to convert a selection into a slice or crop it?


When ever I work in Photoshop I have to hide some layers or use the rules and so forth in order to get my slicing or cropping perfectly (this might be just a problem with my hands or what ever). Now I find the selection tool to work much better, it snaps much better then the crop tool (where as the slicing tool does not snap). Also I love that you can click on a layer whilst hoping the command key and you get an even better selection.

Whilst I think I know how to use these three tools separately, I was wondering is there a a way to convert a selection to a path or/and to a crop section. A bit like the way to can convert a selection to a path.

Or is the a way to make this process slightly less frustrating.


you are misunderstanding the way PS works. :slight_smile:

The slice tool SNAPS to PX; it has to ( as all slices are some pixel amount wide by some pixel amount high) , The same holds true for a selection ( again all selections are pxs). Paths and guides , however , do not snap you can have a guide at 115.6px , for example. What t this means is unless you carefully watch the placements of your paths and guides your slicing will be off.

One note, when you make a rectangle shape you can actually choose “snap to pixel”, which is initially helpful. I say initially , because you can move the shape y hand then it no longer be aligned with the pixel grid.

You CANT convert guides to anything but converting a selection to a path is relatively easy. Go to the paths palette, at the bottom, third from the right( right before the ‘make new path’ button) you will find the ‘convert selection to path’ button.

I hope that helps, but I really think you need to reverse your methodology to make yourself aware that guides and shapes aren’t always “on the pixel”

Thanks @dresden_phoenix, I read a similar thing somewhere else but from my experience it does not seem to slice. I might be missing something here. I am definitely going to look at this further, as I am not a great fan of the slice tool, I try to avoid using it. Maybe due to my misunderstanding