Is there a way to allow PHP within a .html file without having to touch .htaccess?


It’s a special scenario I have ran into. I have a .html file and I’d like to use PHP within. I know it can easily be done with .htaccess. My question to you gurus is: can it be done without it? If yes, how?


-jj. :slight_smile:

Yep, you have to edit your php.ini and add .html as a PHP type. I’ll find the syntax if this is a possibility for you.

Thanks for your reply!
And without editing php.ini? No way?

Editing the php.ini won’t make your web server parse html files as PHP, in some way shape or form, you’re still going to have to configure your web server.

You may use iframe.

Yeah, I mixed up my config files, was thinking of the Apache config.