Is there a way to add registered users automatically from my admin account to my website?

Okay so I accidentally erased some data from my website. is there a way to check them from admin panel? I have a list of all the users that are missing and could add them one by one but that will take me like 5 years!!!

basically I need to automate the process, is there an automatic click software that could record my actions and repeat it over and over?

each of the users have an assigned 7 digit number I can use to check. I bet there is an automation tool out there that could do this. here are the steps I need to follow and repeat over and over:

1: enter 1 user code in my website form (all my user codes are in an XML file)

2: click on “register user”

3: if user is already registered then abort and start from step 1 else proceed to step 6.

4: enter the info provided on my XML file name, email, etc and click automatically “register” button.

5: go back to 1

thanks in advance

Hi friedtatoes welcome to the forum


Can’t you restore the affected table(s) from your latest database backup?

Seems to me that a well crafted query could do the task well and save you from the pain.


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