Is there a tool that shows all the phrases a site ranks for?

Id like to be able to punch in a URL and then the tool will show a large list of phrases/keywords and where that site ranks for them on Goolge.

Sounds a bit backwards I know but Im sure you can all see how valuable this would be.

I guess key keyword density would be one place this tool could find these phrases, also backlink anchor text could reveal others.

Is there something like this available?

I will be happy to see such type of tools plz help to him or me also

‘Keyword Spy’ should give you some useful insights.

There are a lot of tools available out there but I’m already good with BACKLINKCHECK for spying on my competitors status. I think they got what you need too. You can of course have unlimited access to their tools by applying for the premium stuff. At any rate, it’ll be really good to have experts responding to this thread too about the tools they use right now.

I’m using Google Webmaster Tool. It is pretty helpful as it shows all the keywords and phrases that people search for that relates to your site or visitors to your site.

I am using Link Assistant tool. It is a pretty good tool. Try using it.

I use Link Diagnosis for my backlink checking, simply out of interest to see what others do for their websites. I suppose it could be sufficient for what you require, but with any automated tool you should take the results with a pinch of salt.

Link Diagnosis - examine your link competition

Rank Checker will you help you in finding the keyword ranking in major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.