Is there a tool or website that can check a php page for this please?

Is there a free tool or perhaps a good website where you can input a php page to see if/where there’s any errors please?

why not just do: php.exe -l -f <file> that is a lower case L

Thanks for the quick help - it’s appreciated. I haven’t come across that before, do you add -l -f <file> to a php file please?

No…it is something you run from the command line.

From the windows command line?

Yeah. that works on windows too.

Just have to navigate to the PHP directory to get lint to work, ought to be pos too create a little tool from your pwd. I wonder if one exists actually? [google]php lint for windows[/google]

ah, perhaps you meant how to invoke the command line, or get access to DOS as it also known:

Start / Run / type ‘cmd’.

What you need to do is create a shortcut to cmd.exe in your PHP directory, then you only have to type in the path to your target test file.

php -l /var/www/tests/file.php