Is there a static site generator, or flatfile cms, that has these features?

Or a few of these features? I think (3) is probably too much to ask. I can probably do (3) with a ftp script.

  1. view Markdown
  2. login to veiw files
  3. some way to sync files between online server, and local device
  4. can auto create link if new file is uploaded


Nearly all of todays file based CMS can use Markdown, all need you to login to access files, the file sync can be done through a decent IDE or an advanced editor, I prefer ftp by Filezilla.

Feature 4, I’m not sure how that should work, I did a quick research to see if todays flatfile cms could auto create links. I couldn’t find any that could. To my knowledge not even Wordpress can do that automaticly, you have to choose the file from the dashboard. The file based cms I’ve used were very simple and no one could auto create links.

I found a blog with a good summary of todays flat file cms: Maybe there is one that has a plugin that can add that feature.

Sorry for the late reply.

Maybe I was not clear. I mean you need to login to even view the files. When you go to the website, all you see is a login prompt.

I am wondering if I could use something for online file management. Not a blog.

It sucks that Owncloud does not work with markdown.

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