Is there a shopping cart program that allows you to tax by city?

I have been trying for the last two days to set up magento for the tax laws here in South Carolina. I have contacted the states Dept of Revenue, and they informed me that it’s impossible to properly calculate sales tax based on zip code… She literally laughed when I told her what i was trying to do and wished me luck :/. Many of the zip codes here are shared by multiple counties/cities most with differing tax rates, and the sales tax has to be calculated based on the place where possession takes place ie. the the shipping address.

I want to use Magento, but I’m not married to it. There seems to be some extensions for it but none of them are compatible with 1.4.

Is there any other software out there that would allow you to calculate the rate based on city?

Cities can levy sales taxes in the US? Holy crap, good luck with figuring that mess out.

Do the taxes really apply to people who are buying goods from outside the city and simply having them delivered to their residence as well?

Sorry I’m not being much help here, I’m just curious as to how the hell you would work this out (I can see why she laughed at you). If you do get it working I assume you could resell the solution to other businesses in the same boat as you though.

In SC cities and counties can levy “local option” taxes. For instance, myrtle beach has a 1% tourism sales tax that applies to everyone within the city proper but not those that share the same zip code that reside outside the city limits. It’s an unholy mess, but that’s pretty much on par with alot of other stuff in this state lol. My accountant told me to just go by zipcode and let the counties figure it out, but i’m still not sure what to do.

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