Is there a script for spam checking out there?

There are some words one should avoid when sending out e-mails to clients, since spam filters remove some things that are either in the subject line or in the text.

Is there any script to use for this? I guess there must be something already done to just use out there.
When I write a subject line and a message I would like the script to go through the words or sentences to see if there are some words that might be worth changing before sending.
I know there are some pages online where I can insert my text and get a message telling me if it’s ok or not, but it would be nice to have it inside my own page every time I write something that I’m going to send.
Well, probably I know what words to avoid, but if someone else is writing a message, like a colleague of mine. Maybe they don’t know.
So, I think it would be great to have some checking. Or is it easy to do this?
I have found a lot of different lists of words to avoid, so I guess I can insert that into a table. But is there a simple way to run through a text?

A little more detail on the structure of the file would be good…

Well, I haven’t got a file yet. Just thought about. I have a lot of things in my head and just curious.

If I have a field called ‘subject’ and one text area called ‘message’.
Then, before inserting this into my table, can I run through the inputs and check for either words or sentences that match what I have in a table called tbl_spam?
And that table would have a field called spam_lines (where I have words like ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Free membership’ that are listed as spam).

make them PCRE strings; run a mass preg_replace.