Is there a Program to do this?

I run a site that accepts public info that is emailed in voluntarily by visitors.
I always save incoming email messages to a folder and would like to do a
follow-up email asking if any of them have any new updates.

So, rather than manually go back to each email and get the email address
from each message, I’d rather find a software program that I can tell to
get all email addresses form a particular folder on my local machine.

Is there a program out available that can do this?

You need an autoresponder. Most e-mail clients have some kind of autoresponding service although the best are online and for commercial use just by paying a small fee. Probably, the best known is Aweber which works beautifully, I can assure you.

Many mass mailers have this feature (Aweber and Campaign monitor come to mind right now). In addition, they have graphics and information about rejected mails and clicked links in your mail… which comes handy when it comes to selling.

You can also find free PHP scripts to do the job if you search in Google. You can install it in your web server (wether the remote or if you have a web server at home) and have him handling the job.

I’ve used something like before to extract data from an email form and dump it into a database and that will probably work for the emails you’ve already received here…but going forward you probably should get these people on a mailing list at Molona suggested…and/or use something like Wufoo to get data from a form and placed into a database directly.

In any case, if you’re going to be emailing these people directly, they should be aware of this when submitting stories and you should be sure you’re in compliance with any spam regulations that might affect you.


Thanks. I’ll investigate this prog and see if it can extract email addresses from a specific folder on my local machine.

On the spam front…I’m seeing so far that it’s OK to send follow-up email messages to people if they contact you first which these people have and I have their original message to prove it.

I’ll be using Constant Contact so it’ll be easy for them to un0subscribe if they want and/or I can remove them manually if they reply and ask not to receive any more emails.