Is there a MVC Framework that does not rely heavily on Abstract classes?

I am learning OOP and MVC framework.
The tutorial I use has a ton of Abstract Classes and Static Methods.
does not feel very OOP to me. hehe

The latest and very soon to be released PHP Framework is CodeIgniter4

I just checked and it has 16 from a total of 316 PHP class files that use abstract - just over 5% :slight_smile:

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I agree that the use of static methods is not a very good idea apart from some quite exceptional situations. When used correctly (!) though, I don’t see a problem with abstract classes, if they come with the framework and implement (part of) an interface that also comes with the framework, implemented in a way that makes sense for the most common use cases.

That would give you the 90% use case out of the box, while still allowing to completely roll your own by implementing the interface yourself.

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