Is there a generic inline-block container?

<div> is our generic block element.
<span> is our generic inline element.

Is there a generic inline-block element?

Using elements for their default display properties – you know better.

No, I’m pretty sure there isn’t. inline-block isn’t even supported in quite a few older browsers, such as IE7 and under, FF2 etc.

It’s easy enough to set at element’s display to inline-block via CSS, of course.

No there’s not a generic inline-block element although most replaced elements (such as images and inputs) behave like inline-block and can have dimensions applied.

Generic is the give-away word and the answer is NO.

I do, but I’m thinking semantically - to make the sheet easier to read.

I’m currently using class “cell” for inline-block behavior. So a generic inline block div is

<div class=“cell”>

Wouldn’t it be easier to read if the element itself called this out… maybe…


To be honest, this is more usable and pertinent than the section and aside tags they are kicking around.

Because, and let’s be clear here, creating a class for a single css behavior is almost no better than using inline css.