Is thera plugin to do this: Disallow access to a blogpost after a certain timeframe?

Is there a wordpress plugin that disallows access to a blog post after a certain time frame?

The blog post title and excerpt is displayed but after a set time (say 1 week), you will not be able to access that blogpost?

There was, and still might be, a plugin (close comments ???) that turned off comments on old posts. But it sounds like you don’t want that, but the post’s “page” removed instead while leaving the title and an excerpt? Sounds a bit frustrating for site visitors.

Actually, i want the post to be archived, but after a certain time, the thumnail will state that this article is no longer available. If the user clicks on that article, the page will say something like this

Ooops, this article is no longer available, please check one of this related articles instead.