Is The Internet Running Out Of Space?

When looking at the news on a few sites today I spotted this article:

It looks like there is a weak-link in the Internet is the way routers work with each other due to limits in the Border Gateway Protocol. I had to google that because I’d never heard of that protocol before today. It sounds like there could be big problems with the Internet in general over the next few years. Though it could be a mixed blessing as whilst that problem is being dealt with it would be an ideal time to migrate the whole Internet over to IPv6.

IPv4 ran out of addresses a year or so back - that’s why IPv6 was introduced which gives every person on the planet a few billion addresses each.

The only issue is how long that the internet will take to complete the switchover.

The routers in question had a default limit of x number of KB, and the current number of address routes exceeded that limit.

Some of the routers with this default limit in place simply need to have this arbitrary limit increased and rebooted. However, rebooting a critical node for Internet traffic can be a nerve-wracking task. But, yes, some routers are too old to be able to support this memory allocation increase.

This is a completely different problem than the IPv4 exhaustion issue.

If it is running out of space then maybe Al Gore should fix it since he invented the Internet. Sorry, I had to get that dig out.