Is that paid campaign is good for Search Engine Marketing?

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Actually i dont have too much idea about paid camping marketing that’s why i wanted to know that
Is that paid campaign is good for Search Engine Marketing ?

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This is not essential paid marketing for Search Engine Marketing. You should use local listing, classified listing, social engagement, blog post, article posting etc for your business. Keep in mind that all content should be unique. Any duplicate content is very harmful for the best Search Engine results. Also you should engage with forum posting. Using these process you can get the best Search Engine Marketing results.


I disagree with you, paid search engine marketing is helpful if you do it along with other things you mentioned. It will definitely help you get search engine results

actually if want instant result of site i suggest you for the paid campaign otherwise i suggest you go with organic seo technique it definatelly works and its effect for the long lasting

Yes, if you still starting up to build your website ranking, but if you know how to do with seo then it is not necessary to engage in paid campaign, simply you can use seo such as Link building, blog posting, Facebook post, twitter post, local listing and a good keyword.

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