Is SourceForge Secure?

Is it safe to download and install applications from SourceForge? Do they check the projects to verify that all applications hosted there are free of virus, spyware etc.?

I imagine they would have some form of virus checking but could not tell you for sure.
If you’re not sure about a file, using a tool like VirusTotal can also be very useful

glenngould, surely you have some form of antivirus protection on your computer? That is what it is there for… checking the contents of applications or files you download for malicious content and blocking it. Sourceforge is a housing for open source stuff anyway so I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to bundle a virus inside it. After all, who in their right mind would try to hide a virus in something where all the code is visible…

Someone who realizes that a lot of people take “open source code” for granted and thus never check it. It may not stay up for long but it could still hit early downloaders.

Actually I am someone who assumes the majority of people aren’t stupid enough these days to simply install things they have never used before off the web without having an antivirus guard on their system to catch malicious software before it gets executed. But I guess I am wrong?

lol sorry to say you are. My roommate went and downloaded internet mario and a bunch of other stuff on his new laptop before i finally had to tell him to get avast first. it’s terrible really. and then people let the trial expire and put off registering, all while they’re downloading even more stuff.

If anyone starts downloading stuff from the web from anywhere, no matter the source without relevent protection on their computers, I have absolutely no sympathy for them if they suddenly find their machines get infected, you can get a free antivirus guard which will detect as highly as the professional products and the only people who ultimately get infected by viruses (generally speaking) are those who simply decide to start running code without any protection.

And if the virus cannot be discovered by the antivirus product then it certainly won’t have been screened before it got put on any website, no matter what their “this product is clean” banners say. Simply put, anyone who downloads content from the web should have an antivirus guard to detect these problems first hand to avoid the issues in the first place, browsing the web without an antivirus guard is like sleeping around without protection, sooner or later your going to end up in the clinic wondering how you got a terminal infection to which you’ll probably end up blaming everyone but yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. Hence me telling him to get avast. It’s free and it rocks.

And yeah it is their fault for downloading, but it’s still feasible to say that people might put infected stuff on sourceforge in order to exploit that niche of the populus (the one smart enough to know about sourceforge but too lazy to do basic protection and maintence. A stupid user’s PC still makes a great addition to a botnet.)

It is always advisable to check for viruses, no matter from where you download. Clamwin anti virus seems to be good for me. Its from SourceForge itself.

Given the nature of sourceforge, you could always review the source code and see if there is, in fact, a virus embedded.


Thank you all.