Is someone buying likes to our FB page? How does this insights look to you guys?

Hi guys,

Needs some opinions and thoughts please!

Around the 8th of Dec our new likes went from a steady average of 60-80 new day to about 2,500 new a day and have been an average 2,000 new every day until 3 days ago when it started to decrease a little bit but still beeing 1,500+. Thing is I can’t find anything on-page or in statistics that are explaining this, our post likes, comments and shares have gone up a bit but nothing that would explain this abrupt flood of new likes.

We recently changed the way we did some of the posting and that was around the same time the likes started to increase. I can imagine a little bit of the new likes is due to that and this is also represented by the slightly increase in engagement. But still to me it seems like all these new likes comes from nowhere when looking at the statistics!

Here’s some screens from our page insight, please take a look and let me know what you guys think about it?

All thoughts and inputs are more then welcome!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well no one in this world is so kind that he will buy facebook likes for you…

Maybe it’s someone in this world is so mean? i.e. trying to get the account closed for violating the TOS?

Yeah exactly, that’s what I’m afraid of to…

…either way, this increase in relation to our business type and page is obvious not natural and we look like idiots!

I know one can unlike a page they liked, but I don’t know of a way to remove other’s likes from one’s own page.

I wonder if it would be wise to report this to Facebook before they notice?

Yeah, thats what I’m thinking off to, really hard to get a hold of though…seems like I would need to contact them through reporting an abuse from my own page!?

So no real thoughts on this?

Still coming in 1,500-2000 new likes a day!

Do you know where the “likes” are coming from? Can you track them down to any particular URL’s?

One thought would be to temporarily remove/disable any “like” buttons on your site and see what happens…

My point of view is that buying likes for your page dos not helps because those fans do not get engaged in your page activities so best is to experimenting.
I have an article for you to read this might help in growing your fan page. <snip>

I appreciate you’re trying to help, but please read the thread carefully before replying. kungknas is not thinking about buying likes, or asking for ideas to gain more followers. The problem is that somebody else seems to have been buying likes without kungknas’s knowledge.

Nope, unfortunately nothing more then what the insight is telling me.

That wouldn’t give much, as our daily website traffic actually is less then the daily new likes!(?) …and traffic of website and social media integration is unchanged since before the likes started to increase.

lol, thanks! :slight_smile:

Stills keep coming in at 1600-2200 new a day!

…new years eve we had 2064 new likes, that’s above average, isn’t that a bit weird? Shouldn’t that be a dip there!?

Try googling for your facebook page. Maybe the link to your page was posted somewhere on a popular site.

Thanks, already did though…

And highly unlikely as we rank #1 on pretty much all kw’s in our niche and our website got about the same unique visitors as our fb page currently got new likes so I don’t think there actually is a website with the right type of traffic/following to be able to generate 2000 likes a day to our fb through a link.

I dont think buying Facebook Likes is Good Idea for anyone.

Who said it was!? …and I don’t think that either for many reasons.

But my suspicion is that someone us doing it TO US and maybe trying to get out page shut down or something similar! …and I wanted thoughts and inputs on the insights!

Is there just you managing the Facebook page? Has anyone taken an ad campaign? The insights show a lot of mobile likes?

Nope, not the one managing it, we got a social media manager doing all the posting for us. Doing an ad campaign that generate this much new likes would cost A LOT, and it would also be visible in the insight as paid likes but there is none.

And yeah, I’ve noticed that the majority is from mobiles, but they say 40-50% of all fb traffic is mobile so I don’t feel that is anything odd…or?

BUT…what is odd is the last 3 days shift in the like sources, check out the insight for the 8th and 9th:

Since this started mobile has made up about 50% of the new likes everyday, and the last 2 days it has only been 2-3% …and been replaced with page suggestions instead.

…that doesn’t feel like a natural behaviour, but then again nothing do about this. And yesterday we “only” had 722 new likes, gonna be interesting to see what today stops at. Maybe the “package” someone has probably bought to our page is up!?

OK - this is probably a really silly question. (I don’t use Facebook, so I don’t know much about it.) Is it possible that someone/thing has been “liking” the wrong page? Is it possible that there is another page with a name very similar to yours - perhaps just a single letter difference - and they may currently be wondering why all the likes they paid for haven’t shown up?