Is social media a must tool for sales?

I read somewhere that social media is a must sales tool for business. Is it so?

Yes it is, According to Alexa Traffic rank Facebook is the second most visited website after Google. So if any comes after search engine is the social media, For a business its inevitable to survive by avoiding second biggest source of traffic and sales.

Yes , Social media is one of the best tool for sales. Not only Facebook but also there are other social media sites which are used as a good tool for your business. A number of social media sites may be used as a tool for your business like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, printrest, etc.

Yes, I find social media just plain necessary. The increase in traffic is noticeable and with that increase in traffic, I got some clients out of it as well.
Of course, I find link building to be a stronger tool.

Yes it is, Social media is most helpful tool for sales. Facebook is just one social site but remaining social sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Pinterest, Delicious and StumbleUpon are also helpful tool for sales.

Social media is great tool for building brand, increasing traffic and sales. Search engines also integrating social signal into their ranking algorithm.

Guys, calm down… :lol: Facebook is right behind Google when it comes to traffic but does that really mean that it is an effective channel for every type of business to generate sales?

I think most of us conclude too early when it comes to social media. We can’t wait to set up a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. (quoted from a user above. Really? Set up and manage a presence on all of these at the same time? Go try it! LOL) without considering about the time we have, the purpose of our presence and the dynamics of the community. Some of us are even getting a Facebook page and Twitter profile simply because somebody else has them.

Here’s the fact, at least from my experience working with small businesses on marketing. :slight_smile: When it comes to sales, social media can be essential for certain businesses and it can become a time sink for many other businesses. I’m not saying that social media is worthless, they could serve other purposes such as building a community around your business or for customer service (in fact, you should also test to find out which platform is best for these purposes) but when it comes to sales, they key is to test and this is extremely important especially when you don’t have a lot of resources, both time and money, to spend on marketing.

Identify a goal on your website and schedule a fixed amount of time to be spent on every social media platform. From there, use tools such as Google Analytics to track goal completions of visitors coming from these social media sites. This way, you can find out the quality of visitors. Certain social media sites like StumbleUpon can be great traffic drivers but the quality of visitors sucks.

So, before saying social media is the best thing ever next time, shall we ask for a context from the thread starter so that we can all start to offer better replies? :smiley:

Of course, discussions are always welcomed. Feel free to fire my rant too. :blush:

It could also considered as one of the best options for sales, as the business brands are well recognized in social media’s around the globe. This would be a required option in a checklist when you are about to step in with sales. Besides, we do have the other major ad campaigns that can pull in more views at least to a percent high than the former one.

Rather, if there are more responses that goes for social media, could any one refer a few other social networks apart from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus (even this one of the account/services of the search engine giant), Quora (a social platform)?

Definitely Social media is a must tool for sales.Apart from Google,Facebook and other social media have more visitors and traffic in a day.So it should help to promote and sell your product to people.

Indeed now a day social media is the powerful tool to promote your business online and helping for grabbing high traffic for web world.You can promote you business with some popular site like,, etc. to gain a profit through online.

I haven’t seen any actual evidence that social media is an effective tool for sales, particularly for a small business. CRM and support, perhaps. But not marketing. If anyone thinks otherwise, I’d love to see some proof.

I’d have to say yes to the question. Social Media is definitely a must tool for sales. If you’re doing it right, it can be a very effective.

Yep, yes it is. If you invest some time and effort in it you can generate a serious amount of sales from it. Not to mention the quality feedback you will be getting.

Fully agree with Wayne. Many people still have the misconception that social media directly drives sales, and is a must-use platform to obtain more customers. This clearly isn’t that case if you look at statistics ( - email marketing and search engine still remains the top sources for sales.

That being said, it doesn’t mean social media isn’t useful for business at all. People get onto social media to relax, have fun and interact with their friends, not to bombarded with promotional messages. What a business can do in social media is to realise this and be fun and entertaining similarly. By posting interesting content and generating discussions, it can help to engage your followers and portray a “fun” side to your business. This will certainly help in keeping your followers loyal to you and hopefully driving repeated sales from them.

Ultimately, social media should be seen as a tool to encourage brand loyalty, rather than a direct driver of sales.

Agree, SM isn’t a way to get direct sales. But it’s a must anyway, because brand loyalty will lead you to sales. It’s a way to engage your potential customer.

Yes, you can’t ignore social media marketing today, both for branding and traffic. You can select two or more platforms at first based on your industry.

Agreed with everyone, As everyone knows that so many people are on Social sites they access their account everyday. In such huge flow of visitors we just have to put our site between, Automatically we will get some of that flow on our site, which results in Increase in our product sales.