Is SEO very Important for E-commerce Based Website?

When an online marketer try to start a business than he always think about professional marketing without any risk. And some very useful reason everyone chose e-commerce based business. But I have a question why SEO is important for start an e-commerce business?

I know about traffic generation also know about some paid campaign. can anyone tell me what is the part of SEO to increase sale?
Thank you very much

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SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which should tell you the role it plays, not just for an e-commerce site but for any site.

If your site does not appear in search results when people are looking for a particular product, how are they to know that you sell it?

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Yes, you are right. it’s really very important for any site. we must need to know about e-commerce solution

SEO is very important for website either it is e-commerce or any business related website it helps your website to increase your sales and marketing

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It’s also something that is neglected for many E-Commerce sites out there especially when it comes to products, on page SEO is particularly important… best of luck…

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SEO plays a vital role in E-commerce website. Usually seo is used to rank business sites in first page of search engine in order to generate leads and sales. But in case of E-commerce platforms each and every product need to be optimized in order to list out them for the similar broad match keywords. For example flipkart and amazon. SEO also helps you in branding when it combined with social media promotions like whatsapp, facebook and other brands.

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Great Answer @infowhatsappupdate, another issue is what to do with end of line products/pages, I see people deleting 100’s of products and wrecking their site, SEO plays a big part in situations such as this…

SEO is really important for the e-commerce or any other website because it helps to increase the visibility of the business in the search engine. So make use of the SEO and other marketing methods.

Of course its must to do SEO, the result of seo works cannot seen in immediately but definitely you will get the result of on-page and off-page seo.

Good SEO works only will give good traffic to site - good traffic only give us good number of sales !!

Seo is very important, you have the choice to buy adword, facebook ads but when you cut the ad no more visitor. With seo its a middle long term strategy. :wink:

Simple Answer for your question “why SEO is important for start an e-commerce business?”

Search engines are providing free traffic (targeted traffic) to your website. Then why you are going with PPC and other paid advertising?

Ranking High in search engine will takes few months. so invest only for SEOs and get more traffic and improve sales.

Yes It is very important for E-Commerce website because then only your products will sale in the market. Without SEO how people comes to know your product and website. So make SEO properly. You need to wait 3 months to get good SEO result.