Is seo plugin important in wordpress?

I want to know that is it is worthy to use sep plugin in wordpress.
Regards,Anup Kanwar

I use the All in One SEO plugin. I guess it doesn’t hurt any. And having a Google sitemap isn’t a bad idea.

But what’s most important is to have good well-written unique content. After that in importance is a theme that has semantic mark-up.

If you have a poor splog, all the SEO in the world isn’t going to help. It would be as useless as trying to get PR from forum links.

That’s a strange question. If it’s important or not is up to you. If the default URL generation and the SEO in your theme is good enough for you, then that’s the way it is. If you want to change the page title per post, that’s the way it is.

It takes a couple of minutes to install a SEO plugin. Do it and see what the results are and then you’ll know if it’s important or not.

I’d say it’s more important to learn grammar and proper spelling.

The all in one seo plugin is a very useful plugin and should be use. it isn’t important whether you use it or not, but it makes things alot easier instead of doing the inputs manually in the editor.

For All in One SEO is it important to enter the keywords/title in each post for the plugin field, or not?

Really depends on your theme. Some themes has built in SEO already so adding one like all in on seo helps less than if your theme doesnt have a built in seo.

How do you really know? Do you go by what the theme maker says? if its seo or not. or do you examine the theme yourself if its seo ready?

I am using “All-in-seo” plugin for my wordpress blogs and getting desirable results. Some use site map for wordpress blogs, it is also good. SEO plugins help to increase traffic as well as seo values.

I’ve used the All In one SEO plugin for all of my blogs in the past. Also, make sure you have some sort of sitemap generator that you can submit to Google and other search engines.

it helps quite a bit. I use platinum seo.

I use All in One SEO pack. It helps quite a bit. It automatically creates meta tags and optimizes post titles for SEO. It has many other features that helps to optimize your blog for Search Engines.

very important for me because==> Search Engine easy to know your site and increase your site and visitors

ofcourse SEO plugin worthy,

you can try most important plugin for wordpress users

I use the all in 1 seo plugin for WP, i think its pretty good.

I use All in One SEO pack plugin and Google XML sitemap Plugin. Later one is great.

Yes they are.

Well anupkanwar, there you have it. It can be important and many of us use it.