Is Search Engine Optimization Became Too Difficult?

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I’m struggling with search engine optimization because Google every day rolling new updates and making web master’s life difficult. My website ranking dropped recently and it caused a lot of problems for my business. Really I don’t know what to do to regain the ranking. I have observed that Google giving the most preference to the paid advertising instead of organic. Suggest me what should I do to be successful in SEO.


Becoming SEO perfectionist we have to understand and learn things from various aspects.SEO is like always something new there is nothing fix n SEO we don’t know the exact thing which will help us to understand the whole SEO.

Keeping patience is the most important thing in SEO (On-page or Off-page).
No need to feel low with the updates of Google for ranking factors. If you have good contents on your website, then your website will surely grow.
Maintain your website with updated content. Create backlinks on good quality sites.
Keep these things continuously.

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What is that? The opposite of paid is free. Do you mean free?

Business is about competition. If you do not have the money to pay then you must be competitive in some other way. You can spend time learning. That is one way to be competitive. If you don’t have the money to pay someone else and if you don’t want to invest your time then someone else will be more competitive. That is how business works. Your competitors, the ones that do learn the newer technology and/or pay someone else that learns it, wants Google to be more complex. It is to their advantage.

SEO it is difficult thing. You should seriously do this or think about hiring experienced professionals.

Thing is becoming very difficult to be as Top on SEP as Google is making changes and launching new experience of SERP that’s Search Engine Optimization Became Too Difficult by some people.

I would say carry on with the way you do your SEO (and try finding better methods and strategies) but also keep tab of Google’s updates. These updates shouldn’t hamper your ranking that much unless your page is not relevant for the user query. Sometimes things like YMYL update can affect popular websites but smaller updates shouldn’t. Google wants to rank pages that solve user query and match the intent, not the ones who have good SEO

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I agree with you. But mine is a company website so I can’t update it frequently. Please tell me what should I do?


In my opinion, lots of things depend on it such website design, keyword research, exact landing page and other 200+ ranking factor etc.

You dont need to find any loop hole to get better result…You have to do work according to google guideline only.

I think the real question is, “Is trying to game the search engines becoming too difficult?”

I would like to think that search engines are smart enough these days that SEO would be thing of the past. The trouble is that there will always be those who think they can game the system. And there will always be those who are willing to be conned into believing the mumbo jumbo peddled by many so-called SEO experts.



You should read and follow the comprehensive guidelines which Google helpfully publishes for the benefit of webmasters.

Begin with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and you won’t go wrong. You’ll also be sure that the advice given is sound, unlike that given by many self-styled experts.

Other search engines also provide clear guidelines, so you know what to do and what not to do, to have the best chance of ranking well.

Hey first of all check your competition on Uber,suggest tool.
write down a list on which keyword you have to rank.
make changes in meta n title tag on your page make sure you add your keyword in it.
create social media profile add your website links (be active).
create your account on business directories such as linkedin etc.
start making usefull content with keywords in it. do guest-blogging too.
submit your sites on social bookmarking , classified will give a boost to your site.
doing this for atleast 4months will give you impressive result. do let me know if you have any doubt.

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I think these points are good enough to work in SEO. To get traffic and ranking for the keywords, one should follow these. Thanks for the suggestions.

Google updates its algorithm too often, then you have to trace all new features and follow them for good seo.

SEO is becoming more and more difficult with passage of time. Google becoming more and more intelligent so they are working on SERP.

Yes Due to the Increasing competition and New players coming up in the market SEO has become the most important thing Yet most Difficult to do. I am currently working on my website and i find it so difficult because of the increasing competition over the keywords.

I think the best thing to do is to search for more basic knowledge about SEO and test that in your company’s website. If it is a hard task then you can hire an expert SEO.

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